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We humans are gifted with an amazing quality of achieving whatever we believe in , and act upon ! I am your companion in this journey to identify your greatness and cause extraordinary results in all areas of life !

take charge of


How often do we become victims to situations ,circumstances , people and their behaviours ?

Many a times our life is dominated by what's happening to us or around us .

We all possess the tools to handle all the situations in our lives effectively .

Its not rocket science ! 

Come , lets discover the tools that will equip you to take charge of Your Health , Relationships , Finances , Emotions  ! 

Take charge of Your Life !

stop talking


I will start exercising . I will follow a healthy eating routine soon . I want to have a wonderful relationships . I want to be the best in my profession or business !

Do these words sound familiar ?

How often are we talking about wanting and doing things , rather than living ? Being in Action ?

Actions breed Results !

Here , we focus on creating a space for You to be in Action and Live the Life You have always dreamt about !

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Your Greatest Self.


We are all on a voyage of discovery ! This voyage is not always a smooth sail . Sometimes the waters are calm , at times the sea is really rough ! Challenging us , pushing and pulling us , those are the times , we have an opportunity to show our true potential . 

Each human being , no matter how big or small they think they are have immense potential and extraordinary power within themselves ! 

This is the power of their Greatest Self . 

The Integrative Coaching developed by Vishwajit ,aims at guiding you to discover Your Greatest Self !

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 I first met Vishwajit at Wedding in Pune in 2016. We got interested in each other's job profile as I am also a Wellness Coach. That time I was going through lots of turbulence in my career due to negativity in the market.

Vishwajit is the person who made me understand the importance of Power of Subconscious Mind. With the technique he thought me, I could come over the fear about so called negative market. My delivery was always good but was hesitant to approach new clients. He made me so confident that I can handle any level of negativity in my life.

 Thanks VJ for being with me in my tough time.

Sachin Vaidya,
Wellness Coach, Pune

Vishwajit Matkar
Certified Life Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Corporate Wellness Coach
Fitness Consultant


Vishwajit Matkar not only trains you physically but he will counsel you on your diet, lift you mentally, motivate you relentlessly, support and encourage you when you feel like giving up. He will ensure you get results. 

Nimmi Iyer



There is always room for improvement and betterment in life. I would highly recommend taking up sessions and workshops with Vishwajit sir. I can vouch for that with personal experience”

Ms. Viraj Soni


Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression both helped me be aware of my thoughts, behavior and actions. This changed my outlook toward my way of thinking toward my work, my body and relationships.

Results were positive external response, revived interested in work which shows in my appraisals and considerable improvement in health & fitness.

 Vishwajit has been an excellent mentor with great oratory skills and in-depth knowledge about physical & emotional wellbeing. He uses this knowledge to bring about breakthroughs in your overall outlook ( be it self-doubt, blockages, fears). He has helped me in knowing my-self better, which in turn has  helped me in existing as well as new relationships/ventures.

Mihir Dubal

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Are you living the life you chose or are you living life created by situations and circumstances around you ?

Each one of us has the Power to Create the Life we want . The power to choose a life we wish to live . 

You ,have the power to Take Back Your Life . 

Vishwajit Matkar's Integrative approach to Coaching and a vast experience of working with individuals causing miraculous transformations in their lives offers you an Access to commit to an Extraordinary life !

Vishwajit made me realize that age can never be a barrier to achieve your goals. Afterputting in intense workouts for almost 7-8 months with guided protein supplementation , I could finally achieve a well sculpted body, with fat % going down to 5 %, biceps from 13inches to 19 inches ,not to forget my dream come true- 6 PACK ABS

Imran Furniturewala

He is a very sound , knowledgeable and mature coach . Training with him is a lot of fun as he keeps innovating . He has been instrumental in making fitness an integral part of my life .

Anish Goenka

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