Ms.Viraj Soni 

Make up Artist

“I met Vishwajit Sir for my weight loss training, little did I know, that not only we would meet our goals but I would turn out to be a whole new person. He was my Trainer and Life coach as well. He has been extremely understanding and patient. He helped me have a better perspective to life, relationships, work, and what being happy means.

In a way, mature as a person. He has taught me that you are bigger and stronger than your problems.

A good human makes for a great therapist and Vishwajit sir is exactly that, I’m forever grateful  and will always be for how far he has helped me come"


- Hypnotherapy with Vishwajit Sir -


 "When you’re desperate enough, you’ll do anything to FEEL LIKE YOUR TRUE SELF.  For me, that meant trying something I had never before considered : hypnosis. practicing hypnosis had major behavioural changes on me. Hypnosis helped me get over all my past regrets and everything that was holding me back, the things I wasn’t  aware of consciously. It trained me on how to clear out negative thoughts and give yourself empowering and positive thoughts. It doesn’t make me you do anything against your will, your subconscious mind always knows what you need to work on, hypnotherapy helps with focusing on "THE NOW."

I think everybody should give their own self a chance, therapies are like self discoveries, you realise the importance of opening up to a third person and understanding what it means, with no judgements but help.

There is always room for improvements and betterments in life. I would highly recommend taking up sessions and workshop with Vishwajit sir. I can vouch for that with personal experience”

Zeesha Imran Shaikh


All my life I'd been struggling to loose weight even when I did manage I would put it all back on in no time . 
Luckily for me a happened to make a Best friend to went to Recharge herself and dragged me there even though I thought I didn't need it and my jogging and walking in the evenings would help me achieve the "Me" I always wanted to be .
Vishwajit sir s Approach was completely different than what I had ever know or believed .
I remember how I always told me I needed more cardio and a strict diet and his advice was always just stick with this Mix of cardio and strength training and you'll reach your goal soon .
And sooner than I thought it started to work. His Magic-Mix (as I like to call it) his very well formulated and planned workout regime made me loose those extra kilos I always wanted to loose and what's more ?The weight stayed off . I didn't bounce back like a yoyo anymore .
I always remember his words that we need to burn Fat but not MUSCLE . 
And I did as he said and went on n lost Literally 15kgs much more than what I had expected . 
Now for me Recharge is a part of my life . We are one big Healthy Family that laugh at each other and push each other to reach our goals and most importantly stay Fit and Active .
The friendly and welcoming ambience that Sir has managed to create pulls us to Recharge every morning leaving our stress and routine for that one hour that totally belongs to US and we do actually come back home RECHARGED .
So all i can say is Recharge has definitely helped me to achieve and very healthy and happy Mind and Body :-)


Mrs. Nimi Iyer 


I started training with Vishwajit Matkar in 2011 and was a whopping 87kgs and under his expert training dropped to 71kgs by 2014.


The extra weight I had been carrying around affected my confidence and self esteem , not to mention the lack of energy and lethargy that I was constantly feeling. 

I have been doing group exercises at Recharge, where I enjoy the friendship and encouragement of my trainer and fellow group members. 

Vishwajit Matkar not only trains you physically but he will counsel you on your diet, lift you mentally, motivate you relentlessly, support and encourage you when you feel like giving up. He will ensure you get results. 


He follows international standards and keeps up with the latest fitness techniques. Vishwajit is very knowledgeable so is able to effectively critique your form and maximise your workouts. 

He is a very patient trainer with a trail of happy and fit clients. 


 Along with the physical training I also received excellent diet counselling from Geet Matkar. I realised that following a balanced diet was 80% of the weight loss battle.


Today I look great, feel great and my amazing life transformation could not have been possible without the constant support from Vishwajit.


I would recommend Vishwajit Matkar to anyone thinking about changing their lives. 

It will be the best decision you will ever make. 

Claudia Tanna

Clinical Psychologist

Having crossed 50 I knew, that I needed a frequent workout to prevent Osteoporosis and maintain my fitness levels and strength.

  In this Work Out Group I train thrice a week and even though I am the oldest right now, I am well taken care off and exercises are changed according to my needs, if required. I have been with Recharge for some time now and I feel great .

Vishwajit takes care to correct postures and so there is constant attention and guidance. The group is additional motivation and I have made some new friends as well