Have you ever wondered , why weight loss programs don’t work in the long run ?

Why does all the fat come back ? Why do you lose motivation to work out?

Where does the resistance come from ?

Friends , it’s a known fact .Whenever one goes on a structured and stringent routine they lose excess weight . However , the moment the routine stops the weight and the fat bounces back with a vengeance !

No doubt , exercise and nutrition are the key factors in releasing the excess body fat and weight . There is a very critical factor that is ignored very often .

That critical area my friends ,is the emotional factor . Any disturbance in our body arises out of a disturbance at the Thought level which corresponds with the Emotions ,Energy and then the Physical Body .

My experience as an Elite Personal Trainer and  a Clinical Hypnotherapist compelled me to dig deeper into this area .


EMOTIONAL FAT RELEASE SYSTEM ( EFRS) is the fruit  of this research and experience brought together .

Here , along with the Physical and the Nutritional aspects , you would be majorly dealing with identifying the root cause which is the underlying emotion . Once this is identified and dealt with , Releasing the excess fat begins .

Fat is an integral part of our body composition and very crucial for our survival. Hence we call it “ Fat Release” instead of “ Fat Loss”

EFRS works with the Subconscious Mind , the storehouse of our experiences .

Following the EFRS is a sure shot way to release excess fat and weight . Leading to a Lifestyle which is fulfilling and free !

Do You too want to experience this Freedom ?

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